Login every time, problem with sync etc.?

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If you are using several accounts on one device, this can corrupt your login-flow and might also be the reason why you have to login every time.

One possible solution would be to open up ReadMe!, go to About in the menu and then Additional Settings. Here you can clear the data cache, force close the app and start it up again. Hopefully this will fix the login issue.

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    Oleksii Inno

    I have subscription but it doesn’t work. I logged in but it always said I had to log in before.

    When I am in library -it is ok. But when I am trying to read by spritz it shows I have to log in. So, when I’m click to log in it brings me to browser on some page to log in. And when I write my e-mail and password again nothing happens... I go back to the app and it says to log in...

    I payed for subscription but I can’t use it... so sad...

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