Why is Offline Spritz not free anymore?

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For each and everyone of you who created an account before June 1, 2015, we added a lifetime worth of Offline Spritz to your account so that you wouldn't have to subscribe in order to keep using this amazing feature. It did however require you to create a free ReadMe! account since the Offline Spritz permission is now tied to your account permissions.

It was our way of saying thank you for supporting us and using ReadMe!.

Before we introduced accounts, we had no direct way of sending out information other than to those who follow us on Twitter, Facebook or subscribed to our newsletter. 

We understand that some of you didn't get the information we sent out so we've been adding the Offline Spritz feature to users who contacted us though the support channels manually after June 1, 2015.


UPDATE September 2016!:

Now it's been more than a year since we transitioned to having all our premium features as a single subscription, and we can't be doing this manual permission change forever. So as of October 1st 2016 we will not be granting any more free Offline Spritz.

If you still want to have Offline Spritz, it's just a small $1.99 /month away (just $0.83 per month if you sign up for annual subscription!).

So just sign up for the ReadMe! subscription inside the app. You don't only get all the current and future (Sync, BeeLine, etc.) premium features, but you're also supporting development sending pocket change our way! :)

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    Swiss Steve

    I'm need to spritz offline. Where can I purchase the subscription? Flicked "Subscription ON" in the app. Nothing happenend. Any indication how to do that?


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