My book won't open!

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First, make sure that the sample book "Peter & Wendy" opens correctly.

If it does, it's very likely that you're trying to open a DRM-protected book. Read more about what DRM is and what your options are here:

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    Павел Медведев

    But if what Peter & Wendy won't open? What shall Ido ?

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    I went to open library to download a book do not know how to open it in this program I have been working on it for 45 minutes

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    Could you give us the link to the book on open library? Without knowing the exact book it's difficult to know the problem.

    Please note that most of the book resources we list inside the app also have a section to download DRM-protected books that will not work with ReadMe! at this current time.
    If you have "borrowed" a book from OpenLibrary, it's a good indication that it's DRM-protected. OpenLibrary do have free ebooks in the EPUB format however that you can download and read with ReadMe!.

    I found this video that explains the process in detail. The video tells you to open in iBooks, but instead you should select to open in ReadMe!.

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