I can only select 450wpm, how do I select a higher speed?

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If you haven't logged in to your Spritz-account, there is a limit of 450wpm.
Simply login (or create an account) with Spritz by tapping on the login button at the top right corner of the Spritz view to unlock super speeds!

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    Kofi Jomoa

    Thank you this was very helpful...

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    Joe Lang

    I cannot select the login button. I click and nothing happens. How about a little more detail

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    Have a look at this video demonstration at the 1 minute 11 seconds mark:

    Also please note that if you're using iOS8, there are some major glitches. A new update for this has been uploaded to the AppStore and is currently just waiting to be approved by the review team. So expect this to be available within the next few days!

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