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ReadMe! is first and foremost a EPUB reader, so other formats (such as PDF) will never be as rich on features as EPUB.

The ability to read PDF using Spritz was added due to popular request from our users, but this is also the only feature available for this format. Other features available in ReadMe! such as Synchronization, BeeLine Reader etc. are all only available for the DRM-free EPUB2 format.


There are ways however to either convert your PDF into a EPUB2 book, or to simply extract the text from your PDF and then create a new EPUB book using that text in ReadMe! Writer.

(Please note that both PDF reading and ReadMe! Writer are premium features).


We have had some success converting PDF files into EPUB2 books with this free service:

http://toepub.com (Please note that we are not affiliated with the above site at all and that results may vary).


If you want to create a new book with the same text as in your PDF-file using ReadMe! Writer, all you have to do is the following steps.

  1. Open the PDF file and select all the text
    1. (CTRL + A on PC to select all text)
  2. Copy the text and paste it into ReadMe! Writer
    1. (CTRL + C on PC to copy, CTRL + V on PC to paste)
    2. You will find ReadMe! Writer by going to the ReadMe! website at https://www.readmei.com, click on "My Library" and login using your ReadMe! account. Once logged in, you click on "Create a book".
  3. Save the book and it will automatically sync it down to your devices

Have a look at the ReadMe! Writer demonstration video to see it in action:



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    Signed up for read me several years ago and just got an email about spritz which I th0ught I would try. However, I cannot login to spritz - ..... h9w is it different to read me??

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