How to change language of an EPUB book?

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To change the language in a particular EPUB book you first need to install Calibre:


Please note that Spritz inside ReadMe! currently only handles Latin (English etc.) and Cyrillic (Russian etc.) characters!

Now do the following:

1. Open Calibre
2. Drag the EPUB to the Calibre window
3. Right click the EPUB book inside Calibre, select "Edit Metadata" then "Edit Metadata individually"
4. Here you can change the language to the correct language.

NOTE!: If the book is written in Cyrillic then select "Russian".
5. Click "OK"
6. Right click the EPUB book inside Calibre, select "Save to disk" then "Save to disk" again.
7. Choose a good place to save the edited book on your computer, like your Desktop.

Now you can import this book into ReadMe! and read it using Spritz! :)

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